Ain’t Nobody Got Time

Is time closer than it appears? Or is it fast fleeting?
Is time closer than it appears? Or is it fast fleeting?

I do not have time to wander through Anthropologie for three hours searching for the perfect soft tee or empire waist dress or whimsical journal.

I do not have time to spend ten minutes picking out my favorite cardigan to wear to the bookstore and then spend two hours sipping on tea and losing myself in several books that I will purchase to bring home and then spend additional hours tucked into my bed reading while my cat purrs loudly on the pillow next to me.

I do not have time to read all those papers that are sitting right next to my computer barking at me to do something about them.

I do not have time to get sick. I do not have time to pick up every single toy that the kids take out. I do not have time to iron any clothes so we all wear t-shirts from Target and jeans or twill shorts that can be air dried without wrinkling. I do not have time to judge those who do have time to iron.

I do not have time to hold grudges, be angry (for very long) or spiteful because I disagree with someone or something.

I do have time to hold my daughter extra long at night when putting her to bed. Breathing in deeply the fresh smell of baby shampoo and diaper paste. I have time to pray for her innocence, her spirit and her big amazing voice.

I do have time to sing my son songs at bedtime even after Daddy left and already sang him the exact same songs. I have time to scratch his back and lay next to him as I pray for his night of sleep, his day at school tomorrow and his future. I have time to pray that I get a million bajillion gazillion more moments just like this one.

I do have time to drive six hours for my kids to play with their cousins and snuggle with their Grammy and Papa and climb the tree house and pet the dog and eat jelly bean after jelly bean…after jelly bean.

I do have time to get up at the crack of dawn to workout because it is as good to me as therapy is, maybe even better. I have time for therapy – when I need it.

I do have time to order soft tees and whimsical journals from Anthropologie from their website and hit the minimum to receive free shipping. I have time to open the box when it gets to my house.

I have time to call my parents. Often.

I have time for date nights with my husband.

I have time for church. I have time for Jesus. I have time to read my bible.

I have time to make a difference.

I have time serve other people.

I have time to love.

I have time to live.

I have time…now. I will not always have time.

It is always time to make the most of what you have.

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Wife, mother, Christ follower.

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