The Trouble With Creatives

It just looks like a big haul of hay until I get my hands on it.
It just looks like a big haul of hay until I get my hands on it.

The trouble with creatives is just that. We create.

Whether we draw it, plan it, write it, capture it, spray paint it, speak it or design it, there is a unique way we communicate ourselves to the world through some medium.

Creatives are able to take the ordinary and turn it into an emotion. An experience. A memory.

Something tangible.

We connect people to their worlds through our ability to communicate the unspoken.

Like a heartbeat or the steady ripple in a pond, we tap into feelings and emotions most people are unaware of. The subconscious.

We speak. We draw. We plan. We design. We write. We dance. We sing. We play.

We communicate what they want to say, feel, touch, see or experience. We do it for them out of a necessity within. We offer our gift sometimes only to the wind. Thoughts tumble around in our minds until we give them life and expression. Notebooks and sketchbooks are filled with ideas.

But here’s the trouble – we don’t always experience the ordinary as extraordinary. We don’t always experience something the way we write it or draw it or speak or paint it.

It is only when we’ve soaked in the life or the workout or the conversation that our minds begin to do what they do.

They spin gold out of hay.

We summon the little dancing man in exchange for a seat at the spindle so we can create that precious and valuable thread. And there’s no need to guess his name, for we’ve always known it. Rumplestiltskin. Lee. Wordsworth. Keats. Yeates. Wilde. Austen. Bronte. Poe. Tan. King. Andrews.


It may seem like a small offering but no matter the amount…

Gold is gold and it is more valuable and precious than hay.

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