All The Rest

Eventually, It Breaks

This morning at church, I sat in the front row and sobbed. My contorted face and streaming tears were only visible to the musicians on theĀ stage in front of me. I doubt anybody saw me, even though, I wasn’t trying… Read More ›

300 lb. Back Squat

“You don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself, you have a family and a child who needs you,” words my therapist said once upon a post-partum depression. It sounds harsh, but it was true. I didn’t have the luxury… Read More ›

Draw In A New Balloon

I’ve spent a lot of years saying the wrong thing. Then apologizing for saying the wrong thing. Then, once again, saying the wrong thing. Then apologizing. I got to the point where I just apologized beforehand for the wrong thing… Read More ›

My Writing Mama

This article ran in Damsel Magazine in June of 2008, just six months after my son was born. As a new mommy, I had the surprise of my life. Really, nothing prepares you for a child and yet, along the… Read More ›

Doubt Is The Dark

It’s been about six hours. Six hours since the doubt started creeping in. I hate doubt. Doubt is all the things that lie to you and make you say, do and believe irrational things. Doubt is external circumstances twisting solid… Read More ›

Not Today

Most of the time I feel like I have a few important things that I want to say, to put out into the world. But not today. Most of the time, my mind is filled with thoughts, ideas and stories…. Read More ›

Sacred, Holy

“To put it in words, to write it down. That is walking on hallowed ground” – Depeche Mode I know, we want to share everything. We want everyone to know us. That’s okay. We live in a time of mass… Read More ›