Confessions of a Lifetime Athlete

So, I was going to say former athlete, but if you are anything like me, you know that once you are an athlete you’re always an athlete. Physical limitations and injuries may sideline us for a bit, but eventually we make our way back onto the field. It isn’t a perfect science (and I wish some of theseContinue reading “Confessions of a Lifetime Athlete”

Sports Messed Me Up!

I have written a lot about the benefits playing sports had on my life. Truly an amazing experience and one in which to this very day and this very moment, I can cite incredible opportunities and experiences. But, I didn’t escape unscathed. Sometimes I scratch my head at my thought process and think to myself “man, sports really messedContinue reading “Sports Messed Me Up!”

Fire is Temporary, Beauty is Permanent

When I was a kid I remember my parents taking us to one of those glass blowing shops where they crafted a small glass figurine right in front of you. I was fascinated at how the glass would bend and twist under the heat like molten liquid but once it cooled you didn’t dare try toContinue reading “Fire is Temporary, Beauty is Permanent”

There Aren’t Any Awards For People Like Us

There aren’t awards for people like us. Intuitives. Observers. Listeners. Thoughtful ones. The world rarely rewards or give praise to people who see small details. Nuances. People who notice the sad person at the party. We encourage. We exhort. We blend in. No. The world wants shiny. Fast. Faster. Fastest. Strong. Stronger. Strongest. Don’t getContinue reading “There Aren’t Any Awards For People Like Us”