All The Rest

Draw In A New Balloon

I’ve spent a lot of years saying the wrong thing. Then apologizing for saying the wrong thing. Then, once again, saying the wrong thing. Then apologizing. I got to the point where I just apologized beforehand for the wrong thing… Read More ›

My Writing Mama

This article ran in Damsel Magazine in June of 2008, just six months after my son was born. As a new mommy, I had the surprise of my life. Really, nothing prepares you for a child and yet, along the… Read More ›

Sacred, Holy

“To put it in words, to write it down. That is walking on hallowed ground” – Depeche Mode I know, we want to share everything. We want everyone to know us. That’s okay. We live in a time of mass… Read More ›

King of the Freshman

Individuality is a big deal. Individuality plus confidence is fantastic. Individuality plus confidence plus the fantastic styling sense of a thirteen year old kid on homecoming court? Well, that’s what this story is about. I’ve seen many a photo of… Read More ›

You Already Know

  “Knowing what’s right most of the time for most people is easy. Executing what’s right, now that’s difficult…” Coach Andy Landers We do. Know what’s right, that is. Whether we are adults or children, most of the time we… Read More ›

Candy Land

“I don’t know what you are doing in there but it is working. Thank you so much…” I felt a little surprised by this sentiment. I had been seeing her daughter for about fifteen weeks and had been a little stumped… Read More ›