All The Rest

Shame Storm

You know what shame is? Shame is a crafty fox living in between your ears telling you all the stuff you hope nobody every finds out – stirring the pot and starting fights between who you want to be and who… Read More ›

300 lb. Back Squat

“You don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself, you have a family and a child who needs you,” words my therapist said once upon a post-partum depression. It sounds harsh, but it was true. I didn’t have the luxury… Read More ›

A Massive Wedgie

Ever been so uncomfortable that it got in the way accomplishing something you really wanted? Like chocolate chip cookies, perhaps? I was seven, maybe seven and a half. My mom had dropped me and my sibs off at a friend’s house… Read More ›

Draw In A New Balloon

I’ve spent a lot of years saying the wrong thing. Then apologizing for saying the wrong thing. Then, once again, saying the wrong thing. Then apologizing. I got to the point where I just apologized beforehand for the wrong thing… Read More ›

Make One Thing Better

Yesterday I wrote this sentiment: “When life gives you lemons, make sure you have a secret stash of Oreo’s” I meant it. I was in no mood to make lemonade. Oreo’s though? They don’t require a mood. Some days are… Read More ›